Funding for Brighter Tomorrow A Maharatna Company
Fund Based Policies/Products

Fund Based

Conventional Power Project (235 KB)
Medium Term Loan (222 KB)
Project Specific Funding (207 KB)
Revamped Distribution Sector Scheme(RDSS) (232 KB)
Prepayment Policy for Other than Solar Wind ITP projects (287 KB)
Funding for clearance of dues-LPS
Revolving Bill Payment Facility
Guidelines for offering Financial Assistance to GENCOs/ TRANSCOs/ Trading Licensee against payment from DISCOMs under Late Payment Surcharge (LPS) Rules, 2022 (545 KB)
Guidelines for Funding Grid Connected Solar PV Private Sector Power Generation Projects (188 KB)
Guidelines for Private Sector  Wind Generation Projects (187 KB)
Guidelines for Funding Private Sector Independent Transmission Projects (185 KB)
Debt Refinancing Policy (185 KB)
Prepayment Policy for Solar Wind ITP (292 KB)
Takeout Financing (162 KB)
Asset acquisition (92 KB)
Bridge Loan (54 KB)
Buyer's Line of Credit (261 KB)
Credit Facility for Purchase of Power through Power Exchange (166 KB)
Energy Saving Projects (98 KB)
Policy for Financing Equipment Manufacturers (204 KB)
Grants/Interest Free Loans for Studies/Consultancies (176 KB)
Lease Financing for Purchase of Equipments (69 KB)
Lease Financing for Wind Power Projects (86 KB)
Line of Credit for Import of Coal (93 KB)
Project Term Loans (Rupee and Foreign Currency) (253 KB)
Short Term Loan (178 KB)
Short Term Loan for SPV in Government Sector (77 KB)
Rupee Short Term Loan (STL) to Gencos / Transcos against Identified Receivables from Discoms (199 KB)
Policy for Underwriting of Debt (77 KB)
Financial Assistance to Distribution Franchisee (283 KB)
Key Financial Terms and conditions of Sanction (307 KB)