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PFC Consulting Limited

PFC had been offering consultancy support to the Power Sector through its Consultancy Services Group (CSG) since October 1999. Leveraging the experience of the CSG Unit and appreciating the growth in the services offered by the Group and recognizing the potential of such services in the reforming Power Sector, PFC decided to organize the services as a distinct dedicated business entity. Accordingly, PFC Consulting Limited (PFCCL) was incorporated in the form of a wholly owned subsidiary on 25th March, 2008, in order to give it requisite autonomy in functions and flexibility in operations. PFCCL is mandated to promote, organize and carry on consultancy services to the Power Sector and is also undertaking the work related to the development of UMPPs. PFCCL has been nominated asthe 'Bid Coordinator' for selection of developer for the Independent Transmission Projects (ITPs) by Ministry of Power, GoI.

Range of Services Offered

The Services being offered by PFCCL in the following areas include:

  • Procurement of Power by Distribution Licensees
  • Govt. of India initiatives like UMPPs, ITPs etc.
  • New & Renewable Energy Sources
  • Selection of Developers for Power Projects linked to Coal Blocks & Joint Venture Partners for Coal Blocks>
  • Project Advisory Services including Selection of EPC Contractor
  • Reform, Restructuring and Regulatory Aspects
  • Capacity Building and Human Resource Development While PFCCL continues to undertake various assignments, its focus is on assignments relating to:-
  • Procurement of power through 'Case 1' and 'Case 2' of "Guidelines for Determination of Tariff by Bidding Process for Procurement of Power by Distribution Licensees", issued by MoP, GoI.
  • Overall advisory services for development of a new Thermal Power Station.
  • Computerization of Accounting Systems for State Utilities./li>
  • Restructuring/Implementation of reforms for State Utilities.