Career Growth Opportunities

Existing Career Growth Opportunities for Executives in PFC

Grade Pay Scale (INR) Designation
E0 30,000-3%-1,20,000 Junior Officer
E1 40,000-3%-1,40,000 Assistant Officer
E2 50,000-3%-1,60,000 Deputy Officer
E3 60,000-3%-1,80,000 Officer
E4 70,000-3%-2,00,000 Assistant Manager
E5 80,000-3%-2,20,000 Deputy Manager
E6 90,000-3%-2,40,000 Manager
E7 1,00,000-3%-2,60,000 Senior Manager
E8 1,20,000-3%-2,80,000 Deputy General Manager

Additional General Manager

General Manager
E9 1,50,000-3%-3,00,000 Executive Director

Note: Promotion is based on the recommendation of DPC and subject to availability of vacancies.